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William Langston Thornton Writer and Actor


William Langston Thornton was born on November 7, 1856 in New York City. Thornton was the first African-American to become a Rhodes Scholar, receiving his bachelor’s degree from Oxford University. He later studied law at Harvard Law School and passed the bar exam in 1881. William Thornton also worked as an editor for The Crisis magazine. A magazine founded by Frederick Douglass and William Wells Brown.

In addition to writing fiction, Thornton also edited books about his home town and wrote poetry as well. The collection “Poems” (1887) included epic love poems entitled “Afterthought” and “Vengeance.”

who is William Langston Thornton?

He is an American writer and actor who has been called “one of the most important writers of his generation.” Thornton’s work explores issues such as race relations and poverty in America through his writings about the black experience. He has received numerous awards for his work including a Pulitzer Prize and several Grammys.

Langston Thornton was born in New York

Langston was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 16th, 1902. He grew up there and went to school at the Straight Street School for the Deaf until he was 12 years old. He then attended Central High School in Manhattan where he met his future wife. Arna Bontemps who would later become an author as well.

Langston Thornton started writing poetry when he was still very young and published his first book of poems when he was 19 years old titled “The Negro Speaks.” This book became very popular among black people at that time because it showed how a black person could have a successful life without having to live by what other people think about them or treat them unfairly because they’re black!

In 1928 Langston Thornton moved back with his family after returning from college where he had studied literature & philosophy.[1]

Langston Thornton got his education from the university of Alabama

William Langston Thornton was born in a small town in Missouri. He attended the University of Alabama and graduated with a degree in English literature.

Langston was one of two black students at this time, which made him a target for racial abuse by some white students who believed it would be easier to harass someone who looked like them than someone else.

He later became an actor, author and playwright who wrote many famous plays including “St Louis Woman” (1947) and “To Be Considered” (1953).

Langston Thornton is a very famous writer and screenwriter.

William Langston Thornton was a writer and screenwriter. He wrote many books, movies and plays. He also wrote poems, essays and even songs!

He was born on January 24th 1887 in Columbus Indiana USA to Charles Edward Thornton (1850-1908) and Elizabeth Jane Everett (1855-1938). He had seven sisters: Lulu Belle Thornton (1883-1967), Louise Amelia Foushee (1884-1961), Florence Isabelle Foushee (1888-1972), Alice Augusta Foushee (1890 – Unknown), Elsie Jane Fitzgerald -(Unknown) , Edith Louise Fitzgerald -(Unknown) And Marie Theresa Fitzgerald -(Unknown).

He has been featured in Teen Vogue’s “Celebrities” section.

Teen Vogue is a fashion magazine that has been featured in the “Celebrities” section of Teen Vogue. The journal also publishes a Women of the Future and Women of the Year section.

In addition to vlogging, Langston also posts short films on YouTube.

In addition to vlogging, Langston also posts short films on YouTube. In one of his most popular videos he explains how he wrote “The Negro Motorist Green Book” with the help of John Howard Griffin and James Baldwin.


The last time we checked, Langston was vlogging about his latest tattoo and a new phone. If you want to know more about his life, check out some of his other videos on the channel “Langston’s Life.” For more information visit us.



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