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Common Eyeliner Shape Nyt Your Eyes Look Bigger

Common Eyeliner Shape Nyt


Eyeliner is one of the most important makeup items you can have. The right eyeliner will make your eyes more awake, and it’s also good for making your eyes look bigger. But what type of eyeliner do you use? And what should you be looking for when buying one?

The Winged Eyeliner

The winged eyeliner is one of the most popular eyeliner shapes. This traditional look has around for years, and it can done on both the top and bottom lash line. It’s a great look for all eye shapes, but especially those with wide eyes, as it will frame your eye beautifully!

The Cat Eye

The cat eye is a classic look that’s still popular today. It can be achieved by using an eyeliner brush and applying the liner along the upper lash line. The wings should be long and thin, but not too thin or too thick, as this will make them more difficult to achieve.

Cat eyes are one of those trends that have been around for years, but never go out of style! If you want to try out this look yourself, start with a simple brown pencil eye shadow (like MAC’s Paint Pot in Nude) before adding some shimmery golden shimmer over top with an angled brush (like MAC’s 5242).

The Dotted Eyeliner

The dotted eyeliner is a popular option for those who want a bit of color and definition to their eyes. It can used on its own or as part of a wider eye look, depending on your preferences and needs.

This eyeliner gives you more control over where the line goes, allowing you to create different looks with just one product. You don’t need any liquid liner brush; instead, use your fingers to apply this style if necessary (though it’s not necessary).

The Classic Eyeliner

The classic eyeliner is the most popular choice for many women. It’s easy to apply, it can worn in any situation, and it looks great on everyone.

There are many different eyeliners out there.

Eyeliner is a must for any makeup look. There are many different eyeliner shapes out there and you can try different shapes to see what works best for you. Eyeliner can be use to create different looks, as well as enhance your natural eye color and shape.

For example: If your eyes are round or almond-shaped, then an elongated brush will give them an elongated appearance. If they’re more hooded like cat eyes, then a pointed brush would draw attention from their inner corners all the way up into their temples (think of how much longer Katniss’ lashes were than Peeta’s).


Eyeliner is one of the most important things to have in your makeup bag. It can transform an entire look and make you look polished and professional. But if you’re not sure which type of eyeliner to use, it can be overwhelming! You might be tempted to just go with what looks good on everyone else–but that’s not always the best choice. So here’s a breakdown of some common shapes (as well as some less popular ones) so that you can find one that works for your face shape: For more information visit us.



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