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Castles in Florida


Castle mansions are all over Florida, but there’s one in particular that you should seek out. This year is the 10th anniversary of Fort Matanzas National Monument, which is home to one of the most beautiful castles in Florida.

Castles in Florida

Florida is home to many castles, some of which are open to the public. The Spanish and French built them during their occupation of Florida. Castles in Florida include:

  • Castillo de San Marcos National Historic Site (St. Augustine)
  • Fort Matanzas National Monument and Preserve (St. Augustine)
  • Fort Taylor (Jacksonville Beach)

There are also many other castles located throughout the state that you can visit if you have time on your hands!

I-75, Homestead

  • It is located in Homestead, Florida.
  • It built in 1969 and open for public use in 1970.
  • The castle has been visit by more than two million visitors each year since it first opened its doors to the public.
  • There is no admission fee to visit this castle but there are parking fees (it’s a big place). You can park at any of the many nearby parking lots or take advantage of our special offer where we’ll give you free parking! If you’re travel with kids make sure they’re wear their helmets so they don’t get hurt while explore this amazing castle!

Fort Matanzas National Monument, St. Augustine

Fort Matanzas National Monument is a U.S. National Monument in St. Augustine, Florida.

The fort built by Spanish soldiers in 1740 to protect the city from British invaders who had twice invade and sack it during this period of British-Spanish warfare for control over Florida territory. It named for the massacre of Huguenots in 1565 and later changed to Fort Mose by its citizens. The fort enlarged several times over the years as new technologies such as cannons are develop during its time as an active military installation but has since abandoned after being decommission by its military garrison in 1824 following United States acquisition of Florida from Spain during their War With Britain (1812-1815).

Fort White, Port Charlotte

Fort White is a historic site in Port Charlotte, Florida. It built in 1838 as part of the United States’ expansion westward following the Second Seminole War. The fort is located on Florida’s Gulf Coast near Charlotte Harbor and offers commanding views of Tampa Bay and its islands.

Fort McCoy, Crystal River

Fort McCoy is a historic fort in Crystal River, Florida. The construction of the fort was authorize by Congress in 1837 and completed in 1840 at a cost of $120,000 dollars. It use as a military outpost during the Seminole Wars and housed thousands of troops before being abandon due to lack of resources to maintain it.

The name “Fort McCoy” came from Colonel William McCoy who served as the first commander of this post until his death in 1845. Afterward, it became known as simply “McCoy” until 1955 when it was renamed again to honor him once more!

Fort Perry State Park, Perry

Fort Perry State Park is located in eastern Florida, just off of Interstate 75. It’s a popular destination for visitors interested in history and nature, who can explore the fort and its surrounding grounds. The park has several attractions that make it worth visiting:

  • The Fort Perry Museum offers exhibits on various topics, including one dedicated to Native American artifacts from around the state. You’ll also find plenty of artifacts from Europe’s colonization period here as well!
  • There are numerous hiking trails throughout the park if you’re looking to get some exercise while exploring all that Fort Perry has to offer. If you prefer staying closer to home (or don’t want any more jogging), there’s also an equestrian center where horses are available for rent during most business hours—just keep in mind that they must be under control at all times; otherwise charges may apply depending on what happened during training sessions before being released into actual use outside their pens again.*

There are many castles in Florida

There are many castles in Florida. The most popular ones are in the panhandle, specifically around Fort White. The most famous castle is Fort White Castle, which was built by Colonel William Bartram and his wife Sarah in 1791 during their time living on land granted to them by George Washington himself.


As you can see, Florida has many castles to explore. Each one has a unique history and offers a different experience for visitors. Whether you want to learn more about the area’s history or just take in the scenery from inside one of these amazing structures, we hope you will visit our website for more information.



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