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Business Professionals of America Career Helper


Business professionals of America is an organization that offers services to companies, whether they are small, medium-sized or large. The organization provides its members with various benefits such as access to resources and peer support in order to help their careers progress further.

Who is Business Professionals of America?

Business Professionals of America (BPAA) is a nonprofit organization that provides networking and professional development opportunities for business professionals. The organization was founded in 1936 by John D. Rockefeller Jr., who wanted to help members of his industry network with one another, share ideas and maintain the highest standards for their professional practices.

Today, BPAA has more than 80,000 members representing all types of industries including finance, accounting and management consulting firms as well as law firms that specialize in IT or business intelligence solutions. Members may also be interest in becoming part of an association dedicated to helping them succeed at work while keeping costs down by sharing best practices across industries—a win-win situation if there ever was one!

What does Business Professionals of America do?

Business Professionals of America is a nonprofit organization that provides professional development opportunities to business professionals.

BP of America offers training, networking and resources to members. They also support their members in their careers by providing access to resources that can help them grow their businesses or careers.

Membership is open to any registered member who meets the eligibility requirements set forth by BP of America

The organization’s history

The organization was founded in 1976. It is a non-profit organization, based in Illinois and serving the entire United States.

How they offer their services to companies

When it comes to helping companies, there are several ways that business professionals can help. These include:

  • Business professionals offer services to companies’ employees. This includes providing training and education on a variety of topics related to their job duties and responsibilities, as well as assisting with career development.
  • Business professionals also provide assistance with sales and marketing initiatives, including branding strategies for an organization’s products or services. This can mean helping you develop your company brand so that people recognize it when they see it—and then buying from them!

The benefits and costs of membership

  • The cost of membership varies by location. A one-time fee provides access to all events, tools and resources available through the organization.
  • The benefits of membership include professional development opportunities, networking with peers in your industry, access to expert speakers as well as other perks like discounted rates on conferences or trade shows.

The length of time you can remain a member depends on how long you would like your subscription period to be (for example, if you want a yearlong subscription). You may also choose between monthly payments or annual payments for any given timeframe during which your registration will cover all future events hosted by Business Professionals of America.* How do I become an official member? After becoming familiar with our mission statement and values as well as understanding how we work within our community (e.g., attending events), simply complete this form online at [website].


Business Professionals of America offers various services to its members. With these services, you can take advantage of the knowledge and experience of their specialists and get more out of your membership.

For example, if you are starting a new business or expanding an existing one, then this organization can help by providing guidance on marketing strategy, sales techniques and other management issues. In addition to this, Business Professionals of America also provides financial assistance through its scholarship programs which are funded by corporations such as American Express Co., Accenture Plc., Microsoft Corp., Boeing Co., General Electric Co., Toyota Motor Corp. (TM), etc… For more information visit us.



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